Recognized revenue chart

You can view the Recognized revenue chart by heading to the Revenue Recognition section. 


Recognized revenue

The first of the five principles of revenue recognition codified in ASC 606 states that revenue can only be recognized once the goods or services have been provided to the customer. This chart will display the amount of revenue that was or will be recognized in each period in accordance with this principle.


In the data table of the revenue chart, you can find the following rows: 

Year-to-date revenue - All the revenue of the current year that has been recognized up to and including the corresponding period. 

Total Deferred revenue -Money that will be recognized in a given period as soon as that period closes (as of the time of viewing this chart). 

This figure shows as "Deferred Revenue" in your monthly balance sheet for the corresponding period.

Net cash flow - Cash received from paid invoices, offset by refunds. Revenues from subscriptions, one-time and metered charges are all included. Credit card/transaction fees are not deducted.

Recognized revenue - Recognized revenue for the corresponding period. 

Percentage change - The growth in recognized revenue (or change) vs the previous interval on the graph.


Working with multiple currencies  

If you have transactions in multiple currencies, you can view your revenue recognition schedule in ChartMogul in any one of them. Simply select the reporting currency from the drop-down on the Recognized revenue and Revenue waterfall charts. You can view and export only one currency at a time.


Timeline and interval

You can select a time span that you want to analyze from the date drop-down at the top right. 

Further, you have the option to change the interval reported in the chart and data table. You can toggle between month, quarter and year. 

We currently only support fiscal intervals that align with the calendar intervals available in ChartMogul.