Does ChartMogul display non-paying trial customers?

ChartMogul classifies free trial customers, customers with a free subscription (or a 100% discount), and customers who have made only non-recurring payments as Leads. Learn more about customer statuses.


Importing free trial customers from a supported billing system

Select supported billing systems automatically import free trial data:

Stripe — Subscriptions with a trial period do not require payment information. An invoice for $0 is created for the customer. Learn more about Stripe's using trial periods on subscriptions.

Braintree — Since Braintree doesn’t track the date a lead is created, ChartMogul calculates this by taking the first billing date, subtracting the trial interval, and adjusting the result to your time zone.

Chargebee — The Chargebee integration tracks customer trials if they are set up in Chargebee. Learn more about Chargebee's trial management. Once a trial customer makes a payment, the existing customer is updated in ChartMogul.

My billing system doesn’t import free trial customers or leads

Add lead and free trial data to existing customers using one of the following methods:

Metrics and segmentation

Customers with a Lead status in ChartMogul don’t contribute to Active Subscriber numbers, MRR charts, or Subscriber charts.

Customers on a free trial or a free plan cannot be segmented by plan. The plan filters can only be used for customers who have made more than $0 in subscription payments.

Adding trial data to new customers

When adding a new customer through Google Sheets or manually through the user interface, there are fields for the Lead created at, and Free trial started at dates.

In Google Sheets:

In the user interface:

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