Does ChartMogul display non-paying trial users?

ChartMogul classifies free trial customers, customers with a free subscription (or a 100% discount), and customers who have made only non-recurring payments as Leads. Learn more about customer statuses.

Customers that appear as leads in your billing system that don’t have a free trial or any invoices will not be synced with ChartMogul automatically.


Importing free trial customers into ChartMogul

Our Stripe, Braintree, Recurly, Chargify, Zuora, and App Store Connect integrations automatically import free trial data. Please reference your respective integration below for further details about our implementation:


Stripe creates free trials by delaying the first payment when a customer signs up for a subscription. Customers have to submit billing details to set up a free trial. Trials set up without billing data will not be imported. Learn more from Stripe’s documentation.


Since Braintree doesn't track the date a lead is created, we calculate this for you by taking the first billing date, subtracting the trial interval, and adjusting the result to your time zone.


The Chargebee integration tracks customer trials if set up in Chargebee. You can read about this here. Once payment is made by a trial customer, the existing customer is updated in ChartMogul.


This integration does not import free trial data.

Cleverbridge, ChargeOver, Vindi, WHMCS, Billforward, and Paykickstart

These integrations were built by third parties. Please reach out to the relevant support team directly for more information on how they manage trial data.

Metrics and segmentation of free trial customers and leads

Customers with a Lead status in ChartMogul don't contribute to Active Subscriber numbers, the MRR charts, or the Subscriber charts.

Customers on a free trial or a free plan cannot be segmented by plan. The plan filters will only affect customers who have made more than $0.00 in subscription payments.

Adding trial data to customers created via the UI or Google Sheets App

When adding a new customer through Google Sheets or manually through the user interface, there are fields for the Lead created at and Free trial started at dates.

In Google Sheets:


In the user interface:

My integration setup doesn’t import free trial customers or leads

If you manage free trials using a system that's not listed above, you can still add leads and free trial data to ChartMogul using one of the following:

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