How up-to-date is the data in my ChartMogul account?

The data in your ChartMogul account is updated in real-time, hourly, or daily depending on the billing connector:

Integration Frequency of updates
Stripe Real-time


Recurly Real-time
Chargify Real-time
PayPal 3-hour delay
Chargebee Real-time
GoCardless Real-time
Google Play Daily
App Store Connect Daily

Occasionally webhooks don't arrive in order. To help solve this there is approximately a 10-minute buffer after we receive a webhook before it is processed where we listen for further activities. This means that the data received from a webhook won't appear immediately in the dashboard.

Webhooks send data from the different billing connectors to ChartMogul. We then interpret this data to generate metrics and customer statuses. Because we don’t mirror the information in the billing connector directly, you might see some differences between your billing connector and your ChartMogul account.

For example, a customer with a 100% discount may be active in your billing connector but have a lead status in Chartmogul as our data model interprets a customer that has never paid as a lead.



While we try our best to keep data flowing in, there can be some situations in which this is interrupted causing delays. These are some of the situations in which data can be delayed:

  • Infrastructure issues from billing systems causing a delay in webhooks being sent to us
  • Large influxes of webhooks received at the same time
  • Infrastructure issues arising from our own service provider

When using the ChartMogul Import API, imported customers, plans, invoices, and data sources should be reported in your ChartMogul account within a few minutes and will be available via the API immediately. Your data will be processed and reported faster if you send us batches of customer invoices with each request, instead of one invoice per request.

You can check our status page for more information on operational status and incidents or email if you have any further questions.


What you need to know


  • There is a latency of approximately 3 hours for importing data from PayPal into ChartMogul due to limitations in the PayPal API.
  • We don’t recommend starting a full import of PayPal data between 0:00-5:00 AM UTC. If a full import is run, then it's recommended that the import be re-run to ensure no webhooks were missed.

App Store Connect

  • ChartMogul generates data from App Store customers via the Daily Subscriber Reports, we check for this report every 3 hours, however, it is only available once per day. Apple data can change retroactively as we are not aware of cancellations made mid billing cycle unless a refund has been issued.
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