Release Notes - Week ending 3rd May 2019

New features:

  • No New features.


  • [iTunes Connect only] Improved the handling of iTunes Connect data becoming available sometimes with a few days’ delay. We now monitor dates with ‘no sales’ for a week, and if sales data becomes available, we automatically update the affected customers.
  • Moved the ‘Successful payments’ chart into the ‘Cash flow’ section
  • Improvements to system reliability and performance.
  • Minor improvements to the application UI. 


  • [Stripe only] Fixed a bug where new subscriptions were not being generated from paid invoices, due to an issue in Stripe's API.
  • [iTunes Connect only] Fixed a bug where the cancellations were missing for customers who had been refunded, and where ChartMogul had processed it before the original payment.
  • [Braintree only] Fixed a bug where autochurns readings were not being placed at the correct point in time if the customer only had a past due add-on item.
  • Fixed a bug with how a customer’s lifetime duration was being dealt with, which could cause some customers not to appear when the filter for ‘Didn’t cancel within N days of purchase’ was being used.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in some information obtained via the Import API to be lagging a day behind.
  • Fixed a bug that caused exports of saved customer lists to not include all visible columns, when this option was selected.
  • Minor fixes to the application UI.
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