Slack integration via Zapier


Setting this up requires Zapier, Slack, and a Gmail account receiving ChartMogul email notifications.

Keep your team updated on new business, churn, contraction and expansion. Set up email notifications for MRR movements then send these notifications from Gmail to a Slack channel using Zapier.  

Defining a label in Gmail 

The first step is to create a label for all incoming alerts from ChartMogul. To do this, enter this text in your Gmail search field:
(from:( ("new customer") OR ("switched their subscription") OR ("customer churned") OR ("downgraded their subscription") OR ("upgrade") OR ("reactivation")) 

Next, click the Create filter with this search link. On the next page of options, select Apply the label: and create a new label – let’s call it "ChartMogul Notifications."

Lastly, select Also apply filter to matching conversations, then go ahead and create it by clicking Create filter.

Setting up your Zap 

1. Go to and login your account

2. Click on Make a Zap

3. In Choose a Trigger App, select Gmail


4. For the trigger, choose New labeled email


5. Link your Gmail account


6. Select the label ChartMogul Notifications and click on continue


7. Click on Add a step on the left


8. Click on action/search then select Slack as the app


9. Choose Send channel message


10. Choose your Slack account

11. Select the channel where you want the message posted

12. In Message Text click on the + icon at the top right of the text area

13. Choose New labeled email then Subject

14. Press the + again

15. Select New labeled email then Raw Snippet

16. You can select Send as bot then add a bot name. This will be the name that will appear in Slack. Your page should look like this:


17. Click on Continue at the bottom

18. Send a test by clicking on Send test to Slack.


You should receive a Slack message in the selected channel that looks like this:


You can add more details in the Slack message by modifying the Message Text field.


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