Release Notes - Week ending 31st Jan 2020


  • No new features this week.


  • We have added the customer_UUID to more exports, making it easier to cross-reference between them. These include the Subscriptions-export, and the detailed exports for our cash flow charts and revenue recognition.
  • Minor improvements to the application UI.


  • Fixed an issue where subscriptions with only failed transactions in their history would not have a service period attached to them. This would cause these customers to not necessarily appear as as past due, or their subscription to be removed by our delinquent subscription handling.
  • [Stripe only] Fixed a bug that caused cancelled subscriptions to appear active in ChartMogul.
  • [Stripe only] Fixed a bug that caused the old plan to remain active after a plan switch.
  • [Recurly only] Fixed a bug on the discount handling that caused the MRR to be incorrect
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