Why hasn't ChartMogul built an integration with Xero?

Xero does not natively have subscription support so their data is not structured in a way that is easily digestible by our system. Invoices have the ability to be flagged as recurring, however, a lot of crucial information that ChartMogul requires isn't consistently accessible (i.e service periods or plans). Some users might put such details in the free text description however other users might not, making this field unreliable. These factors make getting consistent and reliable data a particular challenge with this system.

Will ChartMogul build a Xero integration?

There are no immediate plans to build a Xero integration however if you'd like to be informed if this changes in the future, you can sign up to be notified about a Xero integration here: https://chartmogul.com/system/xero/

How can I import my Xero data in the meantime?

To get started with ChartMogul today, you can import your billing system data programmatically using ChartMogul's Import API or manually using ChartMogul's CSV upload feature to import your data from csv templates.