Release notes - Week ending 17th Apr 2020


  • No new features this week.


  • [Stripe only] We added support for handling discount percentages with decimals.
  • Minor improvements to system reliability and performance.
  • Improvements to logging and monitoring.
  • Minor improvements to the application UI.


  • [Stripe only] Fixed a bug that caused some customers and invoices to not get imported when there are prorated line items.
  • [Stripe only] Fixed a bug that caused some cancelled multiplan subscriptions to remain active in ChartMogul.
  • [Stripe only] Fixed a bug which caused some non-recurring discount line items to have missing service periods which results in missing data during export.
  • [Recurly only] Fixed a bug that caused refunds to affect MRR for cases when an invoice has multiple credit line items.
  • [Custom data source only] Fixed an issue where some deleted invoices could be still seen in the API.
  • Fixed an issue where the second page for a saved customer list would not load filtered data if the filter had just been updated.
  • Minor fixes to the application UI.
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