Importing deleted Stripe customers

When importing data from Stripe, ChartMogul gives you the option to include or exclude deleted customers. This is useful if you've deleted customer data in Stripe to comply with GDPR. Deleted customers who are imported into ChartMogul will have their data anonymized.

Before you begin

When Include deleted customers in Stripe is enabled:

  • ChartMogul imports customers deleted in Stripe and anonymizes their data so no personally identifiable information is stored in our platform.
  • When you delete a customer in Stripe that already exists in ChartMogul, the customer remains in ChartMogul. However, ChartMogul cancels the customer’s active subscriptions and removes any personally identifiable information (such as name, company, email, or address). However, custom attributes will remain.
  • ChartMogul adds a deleted_customer_in_stripe tag to deleted customers in Stripe.
  • ChartMogul won’t import customers deleted more than 30 days ago. This is because ChartMogul uses Stripe’s Events API to retrieve deleted customer data and Stripe doesn’t allow events older than 30 days to be retrieved. 

When Include deleted customers in Stripe is not enabled:

  • ChartMogul does not import customers deleted in Stripe.
  • ChartMogul deletes the customer (including custom attributes) when it is deleted in Stripe.
  • If a deleted customer in Stripe is merged, the customer will not be deleted in ChartMogul. However, ChartMogul will remove any invoices and transactions related to the deleted customer.
If you change the configuration of Include deleted customers in Stripe setting, you will need to re-sync your Stripe data source.


Configuring the setting

If you didn't configure this option when setting up your Stripe data source, here's how to enable it.

  1. Navigate to Data Platform > Data Sources and locate your Stripe data source.
  2. Click the   icon.
  3. Select Include deleted customers in Stripe.
  4. Click Re-sync Data to apply the changes.


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