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A data source is any location where you store billing data, such as billing system software, a database, or a spreadsheet. Billing data is imported to ChartMogul using a data source in Data Platform.

Before importing your billing data, add a custom data source and include sample data to get familiar with our data model. Once you've seen how customers, invoices, and invoice line items generate MRR, cash flow, and other metrics in ChartMogul, easily delete sample data and import your billing data.

Here's what we cover in this article:

  1. Adding sample data
  2. Editing sample data
  3. Deleting sample data

Adding sample data

Go to Data Platform > ADD A DATA SOURCE > Custom Data Source to get started.

Give your data source a name and select Include sample data.

Editing sample data

Once added, you can review data in each tab. Learn more about each column in this article.

Navigate to the tab you need to edit data and click on the edit icon. Then, save your changes by clicking the green checkmark.  

Deleting sample data

This action is permanent and cannot be undone.

After you've performed tests with sample data, delete it from Data Platform, so it no longer contributes to your metrics.

Navigate to the data source settings and select DELETE THIS DATA SOURCE.

Alternatively, you use the checkboxes in the table rows to select all rows and delete all data. 

Next steps

Import your billing data to get subscription metrics. Learn more about adding a data source.

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