Exporting subscription data to CSV

You’ll need to be an Admin or Owner in ChartMogul to access Data & Config. Read more about user roles and permissions.
You cannot export data for Braintree. To export Stripe or Recurly data, you must be using the latest integration version.

Exporting billing data from ChartMogul to a CSV is useful if you need to modify data using a third-party tool.

Navigate to the source

Navigate to Data & Config and select the source you want to export.

Filter by CSV import or customer (optional)

If you want to export all data, skip this step.

Use the drop-downs to filter by CSV import or by a specific customer.

Export your data

To export your data, click EXPORT CSV.

Exporting data from the current tab will create one CSV file.

Exporting All data will create multiple CSV files, one for each tab.


ChartMogul generates your CSV, and you'll receive an email with a download link when it's ready. The time it takes to export the CSV depends on the size of the dataset.

This link is valid for seven days. Click the link to download a ZIP file containing your exported data. Then, uncompress the ZIP and open the CSV file in your desired application.

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