Linked Subscriptions

You may sometimes find subscriptions with a Linked status.

Screenshot with two subscriptions: Enterprise Plan with status Active, followed by a Gold Plan Monthly with status Linked. The Gold Plan is subordinate to the Enterprise Plan.

A subscription is Linked when it’s part of a subscription set and is replaced by another subscription. ChartMogul would typically classify the MRR movements for this change as Churn followed by Reactivation. However, with Linked subscriptions, we treat the change as if the customer had switched plans and classify the MRR movements as either Expansion or Contraction, as the case may be.

Read more about how ChartMogul organizes and classifies MRR movements.

ChartMogul links two subscriptions when:

  1. Both subscriptions have the same Subscription Set ID
  2. One of the subscriptions ends just before the other begins

Linking happens automatically, and it cannot be undone.

For example, a customer in Stripe changes their subscription by replacing one subscription item with another. Each subscription item in Stripe is represented by a subscription in ChartMogul, with the Stripe Subscription ID becoming the ID of the Subscription Set. As a result, ChartMogul links the subscription that was removed to the new subscription and treats the two subscriptions as a single continuous subscription, similar to a connected subscription.

If the customer replaces one subscription with two subscriptions in the same set, ChartMogul links the old subscription to the new subscription with the lower ID. The second subscription becomes a separate expansion activity and a separate subscription in the same set. Read more about subscriptions with multiple components.

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