Release notes - Week ending 7th May 2021 - NEW FEATURES


  • We have just released our Smart plan groups. These group your monthly, quarterly, and annual plans automatically, and therefore stay up to date. You can read more about them here
  • We have now released a new ‘is present’ operator for our filters, which allows you to filter on whether an attribute has a value. This complements our existing ‘is not present’ operator.


  • You can now see when a plan group was last updated, both on hover, as well as when you look at its properties.
  • Minor improvements to system reliability and performance.


  • [PayPal only] Fixed a bug that caused some customers to have missing historical transactions in ChartMogul after a data source re-sync.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the old plan names being displayed on a customer profile page, and on the customer list. For the latter, the customer needs to be updated for the new name to show up.
  • Fixed an issue in the Average spend per customer chart, where clicking on a customer name in the drilldown failed to take you to that customer’s profile page.
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