Release notes - Week ending 21st May 2021


  • No new features this week.


  • [Chargebee only] Added support for Product Catalog 2.0. 
  • Top navigation bar has been removed. All items are organized in icons on the left.
  • Minor improvements to the application UI.


  • [Data platform UI only] Fixed a bug that prevented the line items tab from being loaded when MRR crosses the upper limit of 2 billion dollars
  • [GoCardless only] Fixed a bug that caused GoCardless transactions to not show up for merged customers after a customer re-sync.
  • Fixed issue for an account where the dashboard was not loading properly.
  • For future-dated subscriptions in a currency different than the account’s, we now display the MRR in the account currency using the current date's exchange rate. Previously we would show the numeric value of the payment but in the account currency.
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