Chargify Integration by SaaSync

ChartMogul's integration with Chargify is now managed by our integration partner, SaaSync.

With this integration, you will have access to ChartMogul’s Data Platform, which provides a transparent view of what has been imported into ChartMogul and how Chargify data maps to ChartMogul customers, invoices, plans, and transactions.


In addition to Data Platform access, the new Chargify integration supports additional Chargify features:

  • Relationship Invoicing, Chargify’s backend infrastructure as of February 2018.
  • Recurring components, a Chargify feature introduced with Relationship Invoicing.
  • Cancellations that are the result of 100% refunds or voided transactions 
  • Percentage discounts
  • Multiple price points on a product
  • Splitting tax out on taxable items which are then excluded from MRR calculation

When can I start using the new Chargify integration developed by SaaSync?

For new ChartMogul accounts (created after September 1, 2021), you can start using the new Chargify integration right away, by creating an account with SaaSync and connecting Chargify with ChartMogul through SaaSync. 

For ChartMogul accounts with existing Chargify sources (Chargify source created before September 1, 2021), we plan to migrate all customers using the existing Chargify integration to the SaaSync developed integration and sunset our own integration.

Actions required for existing ChartMogul accounts

ChartMogul's success team will reach out to account owners to assist with migrating to the new Chargify integration developed by SaaSync. 

In order to migrate existing Chargify Data Sources to new Chargify integration, the following actions will be required:

  1. Once logged into ChartMogul app, the account owner will be prompted to consent to migrating their existing Chargify data sources to the integration developed by SaaSync. This involves ChartMogul sending the following data points to SaaSync over a secure communication channel:
    • Chargify API key and Chargify subdomain (provided to ChartMogul during Chargify data source setup)
    • Enter your ChartMogul API key in both the Account token and and Secret key fields (SaaSync needs this to sync your Chargify subscription metrics with ChartMogul)
    • Company name, ChartMogul account owner name and email address
  2. The account owner will then be redirected to SaaSync site to create SaaSync account 
  3. Once SaaSync account is created, you’ll need to initiate re-import of Chargify data into ChartMogul following instructions provided by SaaSync
  4. Once re-import finishes, you can continue using your Chargify subscription metrics in ChartMogul

What happens when I re-import my data through SaaSync?

You may notice changes to your subscription metrics due to differences in importing and processing of Chargify data, as well as due to new Chargify features supported by SaaSync integration. Therefore, we recommend exporting your subscriptions before migrating your Chargify data source to have a point-in-time comparison, should you need it.

How does SaaSync work?

SaaSync is our close integration partner, and they have already built several integrations for ChartMogul

After creating an account with SaaSync and connecting your Chargify and ChartMogul accounts through SaaSync, SaaSync will retrieve billing data from Chargify, and transform the data for use with ChartMogul’s subscription data model. From there, SaaSync will keep the data in ChartMogul up to date and you’ll be able to track your Chargify subscription metrics in ChartMogul in real time.

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