Plan Filters

There’s a known issue when using plan filters with any of our cohort analyses. When filtering by plan, the analysis doesn’t recognize plan switches and, as such, the metrics presented in the cohort table may not be accurate.

This issue does not affect how plan filters work with the dashboard, charts, maps, forecasts, or customer lists.

When adding a plan filter to a customer list, ChartMogul includes any customer who’s ever been subscribed to that plan. When adding a plan filter to charts, ChartMogul only includes customers who are currently subscribed to the plan. For example, a customer who subscribed to a plan but has since canceled does not contribute to current MRR or subscriber metrics for that plan today, but they are visible in the customer list.

For context on plan filters, read our guide on how filters work in ChartMogul.

In ChartMogul, you can filter using the Plan filter with one of three operators:

  • is one of
  • is none of
  • has all of

Depending on the operator you choose, the Plan filter works on either customers or plans. Here’s an overview of each operator along with an example phrase to help you make sense of it:

Operator Filters Phrase
is one of Subscriptions “I’d like to limit my analysis to the following plan(s)…”
is none of Customers “I’d like to limit my analysis to customers who have never had one or more of the following plan(s)…”
has all of Customers “I'd like to limit my analysis to customers who had all of the following plans (either at the same time or not)…”

is one of

Most filters determine which customers are included (or not). An important exception is the Plan > is one of filter, which filters based on the subscription plan.

The is one of operator filters subscriptions by the plan or plan group you select.

For example, the MRR chart displays your normalized (amortized) monthly subscription revenue over time. Using the is one of operator allows you to calculate and see total MRR generated by a given plan (or plan group). Read about how this filter affects how ChartMogul classifies and breaks down MRR movements.

When using the is one of operator on a customer list, ChartMogul shows all customers who currently or previously had the plan.

is none of

The is none of operator returns data for customers who have never had the plan or a plan belonging to the plan group you select.

has all of

The has all of operator returns data for customers who have had all of the plan(s) you select — regardless of whether or not the customer had all of the plans at the same time.

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