New Intercom Destination — 24 June 2022

Enrich your Intercom customer profiles with metrics, analytics, and data From ChartMogul. Without writing a single line of code, populate your customer profiles in Intercom with ChartMogul data like MRR, ARR, net payments, subscriber start date, customer status, plan, and currency. 

Learn more or configure Intercom as a destination.


  • Fetch summary and percentage changes from the APIs of all key metrics and individual metrics like MRR, ARR, ARPA, ASP, Customer Count, Customer Churn Rate, MRR Churn Rate and LTV.
  • We now support the handling of non-printable characters from Stripe. Previously, this would throw null byte errors while importing.


  • Transactions are now imported completely when retrieving in-app product data from Google Play.
  • Descriptions of MRR movements are now consistent on customer profile pages.
  • LTV values are now shown properly in integer form instead of decimal digits for all key metrics and LTV metrics API.
  • Filters like Didn’t cancel with N days of purchase now load properly with cash flow charts.
  • We made fixes to open invoices where cancellations weren’t taken into account and subscriptions stayed Past Due or Active in default churn settings.
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