Filters allow you to view and analyze a subset of your subscription and transaction data. For example, you can:

  • Analyze churn rates for customers who joined during a specific period
  • Calculate average revenue by account for a particular region
  • Compare MRR between plans
Most filters determine which customers are included in a chart. An important exception is the Plan > is one of filter, which filters based on the subscription plan. Learn more about plan filters.

Standard Filters

ChartMogul offers the following filters out-of-the-box:

  • Plan — learn more about plan filters
  • Plan at time of purchase — filters customers based on the plans their subscriptions were initially started with
  • Region — customer's region based on their address
  • MRR (Current) — customer's current Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • MRR (Current, or at time of cancellation) — customer’s current MRR, or their MRR at the time of their most recent cancellation
  • Currency — customer's billing currency
  • Tags — filters customers by their tags
  • Data source — the data source the customer is associated with
  • Lead created at — date a lead was created on
  • Free trial started at — date the free trial was initiated on
  • Subscriber since — date when the customer first converted to a paid subscriber
  • Customer since — date when the customer made their first paid transaction
  • Trial to-paid in days — number of days it took for a trial to convert to a paid account
  • Has discount — whether or not the customer currently has a discount/coupon
  • Subscription quantity — number of seats/licenses that the customer is subscribed to
  • # of active subscriptions — number of active subscriptions the customer has
  • Last payment — date on which the last payment was made by the customer
  • Next payment — date on which the next payment is due from the customer
  • Customer status — status of the customer, e.g., Active, Past due, Cancelled, or Lead
  • MRR expanded — date on which the MRR of the customer increased
  • MRR contracted — date on which the MRR of the customer decreased
  • Churned — date on which the customer cancelled
  • Reactivated — date on which the customer reactivated a previously cancelled subscription.
  • Didn't cancel within N days of purchase — filters out customers who cancelled within N number of days from initial purchase
  • Number of successful payments — helps to identify customers who have made several successful purchases and may be candidates for loyalty-based segments
  • Average order value — filters customers by the average dollar amount spent on non-subscription payments
  • Net payments — filter all customers by the net payments made, including all subscription and non-subscription payments

Not finding the filter you need? Learn how to add a custom attribute.

Logical Operators

Logical operators help you define your filter and determine which data ChartMogul includes or excludes from your metrics.

Depending on the data type of the attribute you've selected, ChartMogul presents the following operators:

  • Numeric — equal to, not equal to, less than, greater than, equal to or less than, equal to or more than
  • Date — on, after, before, on or after, on or before, is within, is present, is not present
  • Tag — has at least one of, has none of, has all of, is present, is not present
  • String — is, is not, contains, does not contain, is present, is not present
  • Boolean — is true, is false
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