New Stripe App — 22 July 2022

This week, we launched the ChartMogul Stripe App. Now you can view your MRR, ARR, Subscribers, and MRR movements on the Stripe homepage.

Your key metrics are probably spread between many tools and dashboards. Our Stripe app allows you to get a view of your key metrics without switching between dashboards.

That’s not all, on the Stripe customer profile, you can see the MRR, ARR, Customer Status and MRR Movements associated with that customer.

Learn more or to install the app, go to the Stripe App Marketplace.


  • We tweaked the Snowflake destination we released earlier this month, ChartMogul will now need to use your AWS S3 bucket as a staging area to send data to Snowflake. Learn more.
  • Our Chargebee integration now supports zero-decimal currencies like Japanese Yen. Previously, we applied two decimal places to these currencies which caused inaccurate cash flow and MRR metrics.
  • We fine-tuned our Chargebee integration to ensure that we are processing invoices in the correct order.


  • Non recurring line items now get processed even with missing plan ids.
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