Updates to Metrics API & Connect Subscriptions API — 5 August 2022

The List Customer Subscriptions endpoint of the Metrics API now serves internal Subscription UUID in its response. Connect Subscriptions API has also been updated to accept this Subscription UUID for connecting subscriptions.

With these updates, we’ve removed a long-standing limitation with our Connect Subscriptions API endpoint, which now allows connecting subscriptions with the same data source and same subscription external IDs via API.

Other Improvements

  • We added schema prefix fields to the Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery and Snowflake destinations. With this change your warehouse naming convention can stay perfect.
  • We have improved quite a few things in the user interface, most of them are too small to notice.


  • Activities drilldown for MRR entering and leaving segments now loads properly in the MRR report page. Previously we noticed this section wasn’t loading for a few customers.
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