New Email Destination — 5 September 2022

With our newly released Email Destination, you can scheduled export of MRR movements, MRR movements broken down by customer, a list of all customers, custom attributes, and tags as CSV via email to any user in ChartMogul.

Learn more or configure email as a destination.


  • Updated the Data Platform sidebar menu and its pages. The sidebar menu items are now grouped according to their relative page functions.
  • We fine tuned webhooks destination to more reliably send webhooks and also prevent duplicate webhooks.


  • One time line items for Stripe now provides more information in the transactions table on the customer page.
  • Emails are now being sent for Stripe sources. Previously, we noticed emails not being sent for some activities.
  • The proration issue in Recurly which was caused by credit line items is now rectified.
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