New User Roles & Net MRR Movements Report — 18 November 2022

We’ve added new user roles that include more granular permissions to allow you to expose more of your team to ChartMogul features and functionality.


It’s our hope that this democratization of data will enable your team to make more informed decisions, improve their workflows, and become more effective in their roles.


The following roles are now available for all new ChartMogul users:

  • Lite
  • Read-only
  • Staff
  • Admin
  • Owner

On December 15, 2022 we will remove the Team Member role. Users who have this role will be updated to Read-only. Learn more.




We moved Net MRR Movements report out of beta and enabled it for all accounts.


This report makes it easy to see the total impact for each of your customers and the individual customer count for each MRR movement. Learn more.

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