Net MRR Movements activities export — 17 March 2023

You can now export activities from the Net MRR Movements chart.



  • ChartMogul will automatically adjust the number of tiered plans in Stripe to 1 if their quantity is zero. This is to prevent the line items from failing in ChartMogul.

  • Stripe discount codes longer than 64 characters are now truncated.
  • We fixed an issue in our Google Sheets application that prevented users from adding custom attributes when a customer's external ID is an email address.
  • We have resolved an issue in our Recurly integration that caused some cancellations to be recognized at the end of the service period, regardless of the churn recognition settings.
  • Deleted Stripe customers are now imported correctly in ChartMogul.
  • We resolved a Stripe issue that caused refund transactions to have incorrect amounts when taxes were applied to tiered plans.
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