Introducing ChartMogul CRM — 10 April 2023

Last week, we launched a CRM designed specifically for B2B SaaS companies. It includes many standard CRM features, as well as the ability to combine lead, trial, opportunity, and subscription data in a single platform, allowing you to analyze your entire funnel.

Account executives can create opportunities and manage deals through custom sales pipelines. You can track all communication with prospects from a single view and use simple workflow features like call logs, notes, and email templates to keep deals moving through the deal stages.

The Deal Stage Probability Forecast and Forecast Category Report help managers keep an eye on the current state of the pipeline to see if the team is on track to reach its targets. With the Pipeline Funnel Analysis, you can measure the rate at which leads become opportunities and see where deals might have stalled.

All ChartMogul customers can assign three CRM seats for free. If you need more than three seats, you can upgrade to CRM PRO through your billing page.

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  • We recently identified and resolved an issue that was affecting the functionality of the 'is not present' filter for certain charts. The filter is now working properly.
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