Saved customer lists for all Launch plan accounts and CRM updates — 12 May 2023

Launch plan customers can view, save, and edit customer lists.


Other Improvements

  • The Pipeline Funnel Analysis report is now visible to all, not just CRM Pro users.
  • We added a pipeline filter for Forecast Category Report and the Deal Stage Probability Report.
  • We have added three new columns to the Invoice Line Items table for all sources:
    • Event order: This column specifies how line items should be processed in ascending order.
    • Proration type: This column indicates the type of prorated charge, which can be Differential, Full, or Differential MRR.
    • Balance Transfer: For non-recurring line items, this column indicates whether the amount is credited to or debited from the customer's balance. Positive values indicate a credit added to a customer's account, while negative values indicate a credit used as payment.


  • We fixed a bug where the "Last updated" time wasn't updated in the sources table for Play Store and App Store Connect sources.
  • We resolved minor usability issues in Opportunities and the Email activity feed.
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