Creating and managing plans

You need to be a Staff, Admin, or Owner user in ChartMogul to create and manage plans. Learn more about user roles and permissions.

View, manage, and add plans using the plans table.

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Before you begin

To add a plan using the plans table, you must select a custom source or a billing system maintained by a third party (ex: SaaSync). It is not possible to add plans to billing systems maintained by ChartMogul (ex: Stripe) using the plans table. To learn who maintains your billing system, check your billing system’s integration guide.

Billing intervals

Plans consist of two parts: an interval unit and an interval count. For example:

  • For a weekly plan, choose Day as the interval unit and add 7 as the interval count.
  • For a quarterly plan, choose Month as the interval and add 3 as the interval count.
  • For a yearly plan, choose Month as the interval unit and add 12 as the interval count. Or, choose Year as the interval unit and add 1 as the interval count.

Creating a plan

1. Navigate to Data & Config > Manage > Plans and click NEW PLAN.

2. Select the source:

  • If your billing system is maintained by a third party, choose it from the drop-down.
  • Or, a custom source.

3. Create a name and set the billing interval.

4. Click ADD.

ChartMogul saves your plan and adds it to the plans table.

Managing plans

View all plans by navigating to Data & Config > Manage > Plans.

Click the Visible   icon to hide it from the drop-down when filtering by plan.

To delete a plan, ensure the plan has no subscribers. Click DELETE to delete a plan.


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