Subscriptions with multiple components

This is supported for Recurly, Stripe, and data imported using our APICSV files, or our app interface.

Many billing systems allow customers to add multiple components and add-ons to a single subscription. Such subscriptions and their components are visible on customer records.

Both the MRR chart and the Subscriptions table provide an overview of the total contribution of a subscription and allow you to visualize the amount contributed by each component. As seen above, the dotted lines on the MRR chart represent the contribution of each component to the overall subscription. Expand the subscription table to show the contribution provided by the different components a subscription has or has had in the past.

It’s possible to edit the MRR of each component.

In charts, MRR movements are generated for each subscription item. Subscription items can be filtered individually by plan. The Subscriptions chart uses the sum of subscription sets.

For example, when a customer has a monthly subscription with a $100 Base plan, a $50 Linkedin add-on, and a $60 Hubspot add-on, they appear in ChartMogul with:

  • Three MRR movements
  • A subscription quantity of three
  • One subscription in the Subscriptions chart

 When you add a Base plan filter to the MRR chart, this customer contributes $100 in MRR.

Customers using our API can enable this feature by adding the same subscription_set_external_id to each invoice line item.

Some subscription items may have a Linked status. This means the subscription has been canceled, and another subscription has been started in the same subscription set. Learn more.

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