Handling paused subscriptions in ChartMogul

ChartMogul has no native support for handling paused subscriptions. Because of this, ChartMogul handles paused subscriptions differently depending on the billing system you're using. This article explains how ChartMogul currently handles paused subscriptions for the different billing systems that support it and ways on how you can exclude/include these subscriptions from your ChartMogul reports.


When a subscription is paused in Recurly, ChartMogul will cancel this subscription at the end of the current service period and will create a new subscription once it is resumed. During this time, the customer will not contribute to your total MRR.

Stripe, Chargify, GoCardless, and Chargebee:

When a subscription is paused for any of these billing systems, the customer status is set to past due at the end of the current service period. The customer will continue to generate MRR during this time.

Identifying paused subscriptions

With that said, we have customers (SaaS and D2C) that choose one of the following options to filter and segment these subscriptions:

  1. Use custom attributes or tags to systematically identify currently-paused customers.

    You can add tags to your customers who have their subscriptions paused. This will allow you to filter out these customers from your reports or create a new segment for paused subscriptions. Again, depending on the billing system you're integrated with, these subscriptions may or may not contribute to your total MRR.


    You can also use custom attributes. You may refer to this article to learn more about custom attributes.

  2. Move customers to a 100% discount or send a $0 invoice via the Import API.

    Use this option if you don't want paused subscriptions to contribute to your MRR but want to report these subscriptions as active. You can then filter your paused customers by querying ‘active customers that have $0 of MRR. 

    If you choose this option, we recommend that you review the free customer handling setting, since it will control if the customer churns or stays active in ChartMogul. By default, we will treat these customers as active.

    Sending a $0 invoice via the Import API will only work for customers with GoCardless or Chargebee integration. It is also important to note that in the event of a re-sync, these invoices will be lost and you will have to import them again.
  3. Add a plan for ‘paused’ and use this if a customer moved from a paying subscription to a paused subscription.

    This would allow you to easily filter the subscriptions using the paused plan you created. Similar to option two, customers under this plan will be reported as active in ChartMogul but will not generate any MRR. 

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