Transaction fee handling

You’ll need to be an Admin or Owner to modify how ChartMogul handles transaction fees in Data Settings. Read more about user permissions.

ChartMogul allows you to include or exclude transaction fees from MRR and cash flow calculations through the Transaction fee handling setting. This setting is most relevant to PayPal or Google Play, as these two data sources provide transaction fee details via their API. 

Google Play and PayPal treat transaction fees as a fixed expense and automatically deduct them from revenue. To avoid inconsistent revenue numbers between these platforms and ChartMogul, you can exclude these fees from MRR and cash flow calculations. 

Transaction fees for most other platforms are negotiable and, therefore, not a fixed expense. For this reason, we suggest using the default Transaction fee handling setting to not deduct transaction fees from MRR and cash flow metrics.

How transaction fee handling works

Let’s look at an example invoice and see how the transaction amounts differ for each of the two setting options.


Here’s how an invoice normally appears in ChartMogul. The invoice total is $5.00, which includes a transaction fee of $1.00.


When you choose the option to Deduct transaction fees from both my MRR and cash flow metrics, ChartMogul deducts the transaction fee from the invoice total.


As a result, this setting affects how ChartMogul calculates MRR and cash flow in the following charts: Gross Subscription Revenue, Non-recurring cash flow, Gross cash flow, Refunds, Net cash flow, and all MRR metrics. 

Here’s a side-by-side comparison that illustrates how ChartMogul calculates MRR and cash flow for each of the two settings:

Transaction fees not deducted (default) Transaction fees deducted





Cash flow


Cash flow


Configuring transaction fee handling

  1. Click the Data Platform icon in the left menu
  2. Select the data source you would like to configure from the Data Source list and click the gear icon Screen_Shot_2021-06-24_at_7.39.35_PM.png
  3. Choose the Transaction fee handling setting you would like:Screen_Shot_2021-06-24_at_7.42.17_PM.png
  4. Click Re-sync Data to apply the changes


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