Linked Subscriptions

You will sometimes find linked subscriptions in the Subscriptions table of an individual customer. 


Linking occurs when a subscription that is part of a particular subscription set is replaced by another. ChartMogul will treat this change as if the customer switched from one plan to another, rather than having churned and then reactivated.


Two criteria determine whether a subscription is linked to another.

  1. Both need to have the same subscription set ID
  2. One needs to end just as the other one begins

Linking happens automatically, and it cannot be undone.

 An example of this is when a customer using Stripe alters their subscription by removing a subscription item and replacing it with a different subscription item. In ChartMogul each subscription item is represented by their own subscription, and Stripe’s subscription ID is used as the set’s ID. This results in the removed subscription being linked to the new one. These two linked subscriptions are treated as a single continuous subscription, akin to connected subscriptions.

In cases where one subscription is replaced by two in the same set, the old subscription will be linked to the new subscription with the lower ID. The second subscription will generate a separate expansion activity, and be represented as a separate subscription but part of the same set. See here for more information on subscriptions with multiple components.


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