Understanding Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue (CMRR)

CMRR is currently available for use with Recurly, the latest versions of our Stripe and Chargebee integrations, and custom sources.

Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue (CMRR) is a projection of MRR into the future. It’s based on expected or scheduled changes to a subscription, for example, a future cancellation a customer has already communicated.

CMRR allows you to:

  • See changes in MRR before an invoice is generated or paid.
  • Preempt revenue loss by winning back customers who are scheduled to churn.
  • Determine whether you’re on track to achieve performance goals.

Here’s what we cover in this article:

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  • CMRR is a projection of MRR into the future based on scheduled subscription events.
  • CMRR differs from MRR in that it’s a leading indicator that helps you track progress toward future goals.
  • ChartMogul imports subscription events automatically from Stripe, Recurly, and Chargebee. With custom sources, add subscription events manually, using CSV, or via our API.

Comparing MRR and CMRR

While MRR and CMRR both help you measure and track monthly recurring revenue, they differ in the perspective they offer. For example, consider the views from a moving car. MRR is what you see through the rear window — it’s where you’ve been. CMRR, on the other hand, is what you see through the front window — it’s where you’re headed.

MRR is subscription revenue you’ve already billed and received. It’s a trailing indicator — a look back at how (or whether) you achieved your revenue goals. ChartMogul calculates MRR using invoices and invoice line items.

CMRR is the revenue you expect to receive in the future. It’s a leading indicator — a look forward that helps you track progress toward revenue goals. ChartMogul calculates CMRR using subscription events.

Type of Indicator Trailing Leading
Use Measuring past performance Tracking progress toward future goals
Calculated from Invoices and invoice line items Subscription events

Subscription Events

A subscription event is any change to a subscription. In ChartMogul, there are three types of subscription events: immediate, scheduled, and retracted. Scheduled events contribute to CMRR. Learn more.


Viewing CMRR in ChartMogul

Once your account has scheduled subscription events, you can track CMRR in the following locations in ChartMogul:

  • Committed MRR Forecast — Track how scheduled subscription events will impact your MRR and ARR.
  • MRR Breakdown — This report includes a section for upcoming MRR movements. To add this report to your dashboard, go to Dashboard > Settings   icon > Add Report, select MRR breakdown, and click Add. Learn more about customizing the dashboard.
  • Customer record — View scheduled subscription events for a specific customer in the MRR Movements table. Scheduled subscription events appear before immediate subscription events.
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