Chart: Leads

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Leads charts the number of individuals or businesses who have entered your sales pipeline (and may eventually become subscribers) over time.

Leads chart

ChartMogul automatically imports lead and trial data from a number of our supported billing systems. If your Leads chart appears empty, you may need to set up lead tracking. Learn more.

What is a lead?

Each business defines what a lead is differently. To use this chart effectively, you’ll need to understand how this works in your business.

For example, is a lead any individual or company that interacts with your business? Only those who download specific content? Attend a webinar? Join your email list?

Answering this question is central to defining when an individual or company enters the top of your sales funnel and becomes a potential new customer worth pursuing.


Leads uses a customer’s Lead created at date to chart the number of individuals or businesses who may become subscribers over time.

Chart Notes

Only customers with a Lead created at date contribute to this chart. If a lead does not have a Lead created at date they will not contribute to this chart, though they will have a lead status. Learn more about customer and subscription statuses in ChartMogul.


ChartMogul uses the number of customers who have a Lead created at date to calculate the number of leads.

Chart Data

The Chart Data table for Leads works differently than other charts. It provides the following breakdown:

  • Leads — The number of leads with a Lead created at date.
  • Free Trials — The number of leads with a Free trial started at date.
  • Non-Trial Leads — The number of leads who have a Lead created at date but do not have a Free trial started at date.
  • Change — The increase or decrease in leads from the previous report interval, shown as a percentage.

Select a Leads, Free Trials, or Non-Trial Leads cell to see a list of leads created and trials started in the report interval.

Next Steps

  • Use segmentation to see which marketing channels or campaigns bring in the most leads.
  • Set a goal for acquiring new leads by setting a target.
  • Measure the number of free trials with Free Trials.
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