Bulk editing customers

You’ll need to be an Owner, Admin, or Staff to select and edit multiple customers. Read more about user roles and permissions.

Edit multiple customers in a customer list at the same time. Update their owner, status, lead and trial dates, custom attributes, and tags.

Here’s what we cover in this article:

Before you begin

Selecting multiple customers

ChartMogul allows a maximum of 1,000 customers to be selected at one time.

Navigate to Customers and select or create a customer list.

Use the checkboxes in customer rows to select multiple customers.

Screencap of a user selecting multiple customers.

Editing customers in bulk

Once you’ve selected multiple customers, click EDIT SELECTED.

Screenshot of a customer list with a few customers selected. The Edit Selected option is highlighted.

Adjust the owner, status, lead and trial dates, custom attributes, or tags:

  • Click the Edit   icon to begin editing a field.
  • Click the Confirm   icon to confirm your edit.
  • Click the Delete   icon to cancel your edit.
  • Set a field to blank and click the Confirm   icon to clear its value for the selected customers. ChartMogul doesn’t allow clearing the Owner, Lead created at, or Trial started at fields during a bulk edit.

Screencap of a user selecting multiple customers, editing two fields in a dialog, then clicking Update and Confirm.

Updating the owner

Use the Owner drop-down to choose the owner from your account users.

Screenshot of the Owner drop-down.

Updating the status

ChartMogul doesn’t allow manually assigning or updating the status of Active Subscribers, Past-due Subscribers, or Cancelled Subscribers. Learn more

Use the Status drop-down to select one of the following statuses:

Screenshot of the Status drop-down.

Updating the lead and trial dates

Select the Lead created at and Trial started at dates using the date picker in each field. Selected dates must be the current date or in the past.

Screencap of a user selecting the lead and trial dates.

The Lead created at date must always precede the Trial started at date. ChartMogul retains a customer’s existing lead or trial dates when bulk edited dates are not in this order.

For example, a customer’s Lead created at date is May 5, 2023. During a bulk edit, a user adds March 1, 2023 as the Trial started at date. ChartMogul doesn’t update the trial start date for this customer as it is before their lead created date.

When bulk editing customers with blank Lead created at fields, ChartMogul adds the Trial started at date as their Lead created at date.

For example, a customer’s Trial started at and Lead created at fields are blank. During a bulk edit, a user adds September 1, 2023 as the trial start date. Since the lead created field is blank, September 1, 2023 also becomes the customer’s Lead created at date.

Adding tags

Click + and enter tags in the field.

Screencap of a user clicking the plus icon and entering a couple of tags.

When a tag you’ve entered is present in some of the selected customers, ChartMogul only adds the tag to those who don’t have it.

Updating custom attributes

ChartMogul allows a maximum of three custom attributes to be edited at one time. Repeat the bulk edit to update more attributes.

ChartMogul lists each custom attribute as a separate field under Custom Attributes:

  • For strings and numbers, enter a value in the field.
  • For booleans, select True or False from the drop-down.
  • For timestamps, use the date picker to select a date and enter a time.

Screencap of a user editing several custom attributes.

Confirming your edits

Once you’ve made your edits, click UPDATE.

Screenshot of the bulk edit dialog highlighting the location of the Update button.

Review the changes you’re about to make and click CONFIRM.

Screenshot of the Update Customer Details dialog highlighting the location of the Confirm button.

ChartMogul will apply your edits to the selected customers. Allow up to one minute for your edits to display in customer records.

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