Chart: Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

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Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) charts the change in your monthly recurring revenue over time.

Monthly Recurring Revenue chart


Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) charts the change in MRR for all active and past due subscriptions over time. MRR is one of the most important SaaS metrics. Tracking and analyzing MRR is central to growing your business.

What insights can I gain from MRR?

SaaS is all about the steady growth of predictable, monthly recurring subscription revenue. As such, MRR is arguably the most important SaaS metric. Best-in-class SaaS businesses double their revenue each year.

Tracking and analyzing your MRR is central to understanding and growing your business. It allows you to see how you’ve performed up until now and — due to its predictable nature — helps you forecast where you’ll be next month, quarter, or year.

Compare your growth to industry peers with Benchmarks. Once you’ve established your month-over-month baseline growth, set sales and expansion targets to meet total revenue goals for the next year.

Chart Notes


ChartMogul calculates Monthly Recurring Revenue as the sum of MRR for all active and past due subscriptions in the period using the following methods:

  • For monthly plans, MRR is the amount paid each month for the subscription.
  • For all other plans, ChartMogul calculates MRR using the invoice amount and the billing interval defined in the plan.

Chart Data

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