How can I export my data from ChartMogul?


There are a number of ways to export your data from within the ChartMogul App. Additionally, you can also export your accounts data using the Google Sheets App or the Metrics API. 

ChartMogul App 

The ChartMogul web application allows you to export a variety of data points to a CSV file.  You can: 

1. Export your customer's subscriptions to a CSV

2. Export a charts data table

You can export graph-specific data by clicking EXPORT CSV at the top right of any data table below a chart. Screen_Shot_2018-03-14_at_2.31.23_PM.png

3. Export your cash flow in detail 

You can generate a detailed cash flow export from all the cash flow charts by clicking on DETAILED EXPORT (CSV)


4. Exporting revenue recognition data (only available for customers that purchased the add-on)  


Google Sheets App 

Our Google Sheets App enables you to export customers and metrics to a Google Sheet.



Metrics API 

The ChartMogul Metrics API gives you access to all the subscription metrics from your ChartMogul account. Please view the documentation here.

You can use the ChartMogul Metrics API to export all of the metrics in your ChartMogul account, for example graph-specific data and customer-specific data. By tailoring your requests, you can easily segment your data to receive metrics from different geographies, time periods, dates and plans.