How do I export data from ChartMogul?

You'll need to be Read-only, Staff, Admin, or Owner to export data. Read more about user roles and permissions.

ChartMogul provides numerous ways to export metrics and data, depending on the type and format of the information you need. We've organized the information here based on the type of information you'd like to export:

Resources and further reading:


Export cohort tables to CSV. Learn more about cohort analysis, including how to export an analysis.

Customers and Custom Attributes


Export customers, custom attributes, and tags to a destination. Learn more about destinations

Export to CSV

Export data for all customers by going to Customers and selecting Export (CSV) above the customer table. Alternatively, export a customer list by selecting the list and clicking Export (CSV).

There are three customer–related datasets you can export to CSV:

  1. Customers — the current customer table, with an option to export Visible columns only or All data.
  2. Subscriptions — all subscriptions data, including plan, MRR, start date, status, and more.
  3. MRR per customer per month — customers with MRR by month.

Learn more about exporting customers, subscriptions, and MRR per customer per month.

Export to Google Sheets

Export customer record data, including Customer Details, Tags, and Custom Attributes, to a Google Sheet. Learn more.

MRR Movements

ChartMogul generates an MRR movement for each change to a subscription that increases or decreases the subscription's calculated MRR. Learn more about MRR movements.

To export all MRR movements to a CSV, navigate to Data & Config > Exports and click All MRR Movements.

Chart Data

For charts with a Chart Data table that includes MRR movements grouped by type, export the data by clicking EXPORT (CSV).


Export MRR movements to a destination or webhooks.


View a list of subscription activities that contributed to an MRR movement type with the Activity table. Then, export them by selecting EXPORT (CSV) from the following locations:

  • Chart Data — select the cell of an MRR movement type and month.
  • Cohorts — select any cell that has a change from the previous value.
  • Maps — select the cell of an MRR movement type.

MRR per Customer per Month

To retrieve subscription metrics programmatically, use our API .

To export a CSV report that lists all customers and their historical MRR for each month, navigate to Data & Config > Exports and click MRR per Customer per Month.

Subscription Metrics

Export key subscription metrics such as MRR, churn, LTV, ARPA, and more using the following methods:


Select the measurement interval (Day, Week, Month, Quarter, or Year) you’d like to report. Navigate to the Chart Data table and click EXPORT (CSV).

Download Image

Download charts as customizable images. Click   from any chart.

Google Sheets

Export key subscription metrics using the Google Sheets app.


Retrieve subscription metrics using our API.

Transactions and cash flow

Detailed Export

The Detailed Export CSV details the individual line items from all paid invoices in a given period.

Click Detailed Export (CSV) to download this report from the following charts:

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