This article details the different types of ChartMogul user, the differences between them, and how to manage users.



There are three types of ChartMogul user: Owner, Admin and Team member.

Admins have access to the Admin area, and can make changes to a ChartMogul account which affects all users.

Owners, like Admins, have access to the Admin area. Additionally, owners can access the Subscription, Address and Invoices pages in the Admin area, and can also regenerate API keys.

Team members have read-only access to your ChartMogul account. Team members cannot make changes to a ChartMogul account that will affect other users. Team members cannot access the admin area or export customer-specific data.


User permissions

Owner: All access and permissions. With the same permissions as an Admin, this user can additionally access the Subscription, Address and Invoices pages in the Admin area.

Admin: In addition to all Team member permissions, an Admin can access the Admin area of ChartMogul, excluding the Subscription, Address and Invoices pages. Admins can make changes that are visible to all users, and can add new users. Admins can export all data from a ChartMogul account. Admins can access account API keys, but cannot regenerate them.

Team member can:

  • access all metrics
  • add new customers
  • create new segments
  • add tags and notes to customers

Team members cannot:

  • access the Admin area
  • export customer data
  • access account API keys
  • change account settings
  • edit the Overview page
  • view other user information
  • cannot make changes to user permissions
  • add new users
  • delete data or customers

You can change a user's permissions in Admin > Users.


User management

Only Owners and Admins can make changes to other users.

Owners and Admins can add, delete and manage users in Admin > Users.

To add a user, navigate to Admin > Users, then select "Invite Users". Enter the users' Name and Email and select a role then click "Send Invites". This will send an invitation email to the new user.

To delete a user, navigate to Admin > Users, then click "Delete" in the row next to the user you would like to delete and confirm deletion.

To change a users role or notification settings, navigate to Admin > Users, select the user you would like to edit, select the new Role in the window. Finally, click "Update".

To request a change of account owner, please contact ChartMogul Support at