Chart: Non-Recurring Cash Flow

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Non-Recurring Cash Flow charts the total cash you receive from paid non-recurring invoice line items over time.

Non-Recurring Cash Flow chart


Non-Recurring Cash Flow charts the amount of cash received from non-recurring invoice line items. It gives you insight into the portion of your gross revenue that is non-subscription based.

Chart Notes

  • An invoice is considered paid once its associated transaction is successful.
  • Includes cash received from non-recurring (i.e., one-time) invoice line items.
  • Revenue from metered charges is included if these charges are billed as non-recurring invoice line items.
  • Discounts, refunds, and transaction fees are not deducted.
  • All customers contribute to this chart, regardless of their status.


ChartMogul calculates Non-Recurring Cash Flow as the total amount from transactions in a given period where cash has been received and applied to non-recurring invoice line items.

Chart Data

The Chart Data table works differently than other charts. It provides the following breakdown:

  • Non-Recurring Cash Flow — The total amount of successful transactions and number of customers who made non-recurring payments in the period.

Download all paid invoices for the period by clicking Detailed Export (CSV) above Chart Data. Learn more.

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