Chart: Subscribers

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Subscribers charts the change in the number of customers with a subscription over time.

Subscribers chart

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Subscribers charts the change in the number of customers with at least one active or past due subscription over time.

Chart Notes

  • Customers who have or had an active subscription in ChartMogul contribute to this chart. A subscription is active when it has generated billings of more than $0.00 in its most recent billing period. Customers on free trials, free plans, or who begin their subscription with a 100% discount are not considered active in ChartMogul. Learn more about customer and subscription statuses.
  • Customers remain Active Subscribers or Past-due Subscribers until either their subscriptions are canceled in your billing system, or they churn as a result of the Handling Past-due Subscriptions setting.
  • The Free Customer Handling setting determines whether ChartMogul continues to classify customers who have downgraded from a paid to a free plan as Active Subscribers.
  • A customer with multiple subscriptions is counted as one subscriber.


ChartMogul calculates Subscribers as the total number of all customers with an active or past due subscription in a given period.

Chart Data

See Chart Data.

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