Chart: Subscription Quantity

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Subscription Quantity charts the number of subscription seats or licenses your customers have over time. 

Subscription Quantity chart

If you don’t sell subscriptions with licenses or seats (or your billing system doesn’t support subscription quantities), this chart will appear the same as Subscriptions.


Subscription Quantity charts the number of seats or licenses of active and past due subscriptions over time.

Subscriptions vs. Subscription Quantity

If your company sells individual licenses or seats, it’s important to understand the difference between Subscriptions and Subscription Quantity.

Subscriptions are specific instances of plans your customers have subscribed to, whereas Subscription Quantity is the number of these subscriptions.

For example, Tetoko subscribes to four Gold plans and five Silver plans. They have two subscriptions (1 × Gold + 1 × Silver) with a subscription quantity of nine (4 × Gold + 5 × Silver).

If your company doesn’t sell licenses or seats (or your billing system doesn’t support subscription quantities), then Quantity Churn Rate will represent the rate at which you lose whole subscriptions.

Chart Notes

  • ChartMogul uses Quantity from an invoice line item to define a subscription’s quantity.
  • Only active and past due subscriptions contribute to this chart. Learn more about subscription statuses.
  • Subscriptions remain active until either they are canceled in your billing system or churn as a result of the Handling Past-due Subscriptions setting.
  • The number of subscriptions can be higher than your number of subscribers, as a subscriber can have multiple subscriptions.
  • The Free Customer Handling setting determines whether ChartMogul continues to classify subscriptions downgraded from a paid to a free plan as Active.


ChartMogul calculates Subscription Quantity as the total number of active or past due subscriptions multiplied by their quantities for each report interval.

Chart Data

The Chart Data table for Subscription Quantity works differently than other charts. It provides the following breakdown:

  • Quantity Increase — The number of subscription licenses or seats added in the report interval. 
  • Quantity Decrease — The number of subscription licenses or seats lost in the report interval.
  • Net ChangeQuantity Increase minus Quantity Decrease.
  • Subscriptions Quantity — The total number of subscription licenses or seats at the end of the report interval.
  • Change — The increase or decrease in Subscriptions Quantity from the previous report interval, shown as a percentage.

Select a Quantity Increase, Quantity Decrease, or Net Change cell to see subscription activities in the reporting period.

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