With support for 284 regions, including US states, ChartMogul helps you visualize key subscription metrics geographically using heat maps. See the complete list of supported regions.

Screenshot of a Monthly Recurring Revenue Heat Map

Use Maps to view the following metrics by region:

Due to their relative size, some supported regions are not visible on maps.

Segmenting maps

Segment maps by region, plan, or custom attribute. If you use the same filters often, save them as a segment for easier access. Learn more about segmentation.

Your account comes with several regions by default, including Americas, APAC, and EMEA. To create a custom region, click each region you’d like to include. Then, click Save Region, enter a name for your region, and click Save.

Screenshot showing Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark selected with the Save Region button

To segment your map by US States, find the United States on the map and click Show States.

Screenshot showing the United States with the option Show States under the country’s name.

Gaining insights with maps

Here's how maps can help grow your business:

  • Identify the regions with the highest churn. Focus retention efforts on those regions to improve the overall churn rate.
  • Identify regions with high ARPA and consider increasing marketing spend in those regions to bring in more high-value customers.
  • For regions where MRR is low but the market is large (such as the United Kingdom), consider focusing on how you can grow there.
  • If your business operates exclusively in the United States and is concentrated in one or two states, consider how you can expand in other parts of the country.
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