Customer & Subscription Statuses

ChartMogul uses statuses to classify and organize customers and subscriptions. The three statuses you’ll see most often are Active, Past due, and Cancelled. The Lead and Linked statuses are specific to customers and subscriptions, respectively. 

Here’s an overview of all statuses. The rest of the article provides more detail on what each status means for a customer or subscription.

Status Customer Subscription
Lead Default status. Applies to non-paying customers, customers without a subscription, and customers who’ve made only non-recurring payments. (not applicable)
Active Customer has at least one active subscription and no past-due subscriptions Subscription has generated billings of more than $0.00 in its most recent billing period
Past due Customer has one or more past-due subscriptions Subscription has a past-due payment in its most recent billing period
Cancelled All of the customer’s subscriptions are cancelled Subscription is cancelled
Linked (not applicable) Used when ChartMogul links two subscriptions.
Settings that can impact the status Free Customer Handling Auto-churn of Delinquent Subscriptions

How does a customer’s status relate to the status of their subscription(s)?

Customer and subscription statuses in ChartMogul are quite similar and they're generally the same for customers with one subscription, either Active, Past due, or Cancelled.

When a customer has multiple subscriptions, and one of the subscriptions is past-due, ChartMogul also classifies the customer as Past Due, regardless of the status of the customer’s other subscriptions. In this sense, Past Due overrides the Active and Cancelled customer statuses when the customer has multiple subscriptions.


Lead is the default status for customers. It applies to any non-paying business or consumer who may eventually become an active customer. Leads also include those who have only made non-recurring payments and do not have any subscriptions.

ChartMogul also classifies customers without Lead created at and Free trial started at dates, and who haven’t made any payments as Leads. However, they aren’t included in the Leads and Average Sales Cycle Length charts until they have a Lead created at date.


A customer is Active when they have at least one active and no past-due subscriptions. The Free Customer Handling setting determines how ChartMogul classifies active customers who downgrade from a paid to a free plan.

A subscription is Active when you’ve billed the subscription more than $0.00 in its most recent billing period.

Subscriptions imported using our Google Sheets app or Import API must be cancelled using the Cancel a Customer's Subscription endpoint or with a subscription_cancellation row in Google Sheets.

Past due

A customer is Past due when they have one or more past-due subscriptions.

A subscription is Past due when it has a past-due payment in its most recent billing period. The Auto-Churn of Delinquent Subscriptions setting determines whether ChartMogul changes the status of the subscription from Past due to Cancelled after a specified period of time.


A customer is Cancelled when all of the customer’s subscriptions are cancelled.


ChartMogul uses this status when it has linked two subscriptions. Read more about linked subscriptions.

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