Make trial-to-paid conversion rates more meaningful with cohorts

In this blog post, ChartMogul CEO Nick Franklin wrote about a method of making trial-to-paid conversion rate metrics more useful using cohorts. The method involves measuring the % of trials that convert into paid subscribers within a defined number of days.  

One useful analysis is to compare your 30-day trial-to-paid conversion rate against your 90-day trial-to-paid conversion rate to see what percentage of trials are converting long after a typical SaaS free trial has expired.

It's possible to measure this in ChartMogul thanks to a filter attribute called "Trial-to-paid in days".

To use this:

    1. Navigate to the Trial-to-paid conversion rate chart in your ChartMogul account
    2.  Click Add filter and select "Trial-to-paid in days" from the attribute's dropdown.
    3. Choose the 'Less than' operator and define the number of days, e.g. '30'.
    4. Click the button to add the filter.  Screen_Shot_2018-10-03_at_2.56.21_AM.png

This will give you your 30-day trial-to-paid conversion rate graph. You can then compare this against segments with longer or shorter "Trial-to-paid in days" values.


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