Chart: Successful Payments

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Successful Payments charts the number of successful payments over time.

Successful Payments chart


Successful Payments charts the number of successful recurring (subscription) and non-recurring payments over time.

Chart Notes

  • Both recurring (subscription) and non-recurring payments are included in this chart.
  • All payments regardless of payment method are included, as well as payments settled using account credit.
  • $0 payments and 100% discounted items are not included.
  • Refunds and chargebacks do not impact this metric.


ChartMogul calculates Successful Payments as the total number of successful transactions in each report interval where cash has been received and applied to an invoice.

Chart Data

The Chart Data table for Successful Payments works differently than other charts. It provides the following breakdown:

  • Successful Payments — The total transaction amount of all successful payments in the report interval.
  • Change — The increase or decrease in Successful Payments from the previous report interval, shown as a percentage.

Select a Successful Payments cell to see a list of successful payments with customer names in the reporting period.

Next Steps

  • Monitor failed transactions as part of your churn prevention and accounts receivable efforts.
  • Use segmentation to view successful payments for specific groups of customers.
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