Customer Lists

You need a paid plan to to edit, save, and share customer lists.

In this article, we will learn how to use customer lists in ChartMogul to define segmented lists of customers that are useful to your business. You'll be able to save multiple customized lists and make them available to other members of your team, as well as export the list data for use in other systems.

What is a customer list?

Customer lists in ChartMogul are saved views of customer data. A saved customer list can include the following:

  • One or more filters
  • One or more user segments
  • Selected columns (including custom attributes)
  • Column sorting options: "sort by" and "sort order"
  • A name
  • Visibility options

Saved customer lists are found in the sidebar on the left of the Customers page:

How to create and save a customer list

Step 1: Navigate to the Customers page

Step 2: Apply edits to the list

This can include:

  • Applying filters
  • Applying saved segments
  • Adding/removing/reordering columns in the table
  • Changing sorting options for the table

For details on how to make these edits, see the sections below.

Step 3: Save and name the list

Click the save list button. Next, you can define a name and sharing options (see how to share a saved customer list). Tip: Use an emoji in the name to make your list more recognizable!

How to add or remove columns in a customer list

Step 1: Click edit columns

Doing this will open the select columns drop-down:

Step 2: Toggle the attributes you want to add or remove

You can choose from a selection of built-in attributes, as well as all custom attributes you may have added to ChartMogul.

Step 3: Click Apply

The customer list will be updated with your column selection.

How to reorder columns in a customer list

To reorder columns, click and drag a column header to a new position in the table:

How to sort a customer list by a specific column

Not all customer attributes are currently sortable in customer lists.

To sort by a specific column, click the column header. You can click a second time to reverse the sort order.

How to share a saved customer list with your team

Step 1: Find the list you want to share

You can find all your saved lists in the sidebar on the left under Saved Lists.

Step 2: Click the settings icon

Step 3: Change the visibility option

Make sure the Available for option is set to Whole Team, then click SAVE. After this, the list will be visible in the customer lists sidebar for all users of your ChartMogul account.

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