Splitting subscribers per app for App Store Connect

ChartMogul allows you to “split” subscribers — that is, create separate, unique customer records in ChartMogul — when they’ve subscribed to more than one app. Companies that publish multiple apps and want to break down their subscription metrics — such as customer churn rate or customer lifetime value (LTV) — per app find this useful. 

How this setting works

First, it’s important to remember how ChartMogul works out of the box. When a customer has multiple active subscriptions and cancels one of these subscriptions, ChartMogul classifies the lost MRR as Contraction (rather than Churn).

Here’s how the customer typically appears in ChartMogul, regardless of how many apps they’ve subscribed to. All of the customer's subscriptions appear in a single record.

Now, imagine you’re a company that publishes multiple apps — App A and App B — and you have a customer who has subscribed to both. The customer then decides to cancel their subscription to App A, and you would like ChartMogul to classify the cancellation as Churn (instead of Contraction).

ChartMogul makes it possible to do this with the Split subscribers per app setting. As mentioned above, when you enable this setting, ChartMogul creates separate, unique customer records — one for each app the customer has subscribed to.

Here’s what this looks like:

In order to create unique customer records, ChartMogul appends the AppAppleID to the customer external id.

Enabling the “split”

Splitting subscribers per app is not activated by default when you create a new App Store Connect source, but enabling it is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Within ChartMogul, navigate to Data & Config > Sources.
  2. Select App Store Connect from the Sources list and click the Settings  icon.
    Sources_PayPal_Xero_AppStoreConnect copy.png
  3. Under Data import options, check Split subscribers per app.
  4. Click RE-SYNC DATA to apply the changes.
To learn about the data ChartMogul preserves during a re-sync, review the App Store Connect integration guide.
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