Tags are keywords or terms that help you classify and group customers in ChartMogul.

ChartMogul lets you add an unlimited number of tags to customers, which you can use with filtering and segmentation.

For example, tag customers by the features they’ve requested, then prioritize features by based on their impact on MRR. Similarly, tag customers at risk of churning and combine this with MRR metrics to drive churn mitigation efforts.

Here's what we cover in this article:

Adding tags

Tags can be created and added in bulk using our API or Google Sheets.

To add a tag manually, find the customer you’d like to tag, then use the Tags field to add a tag to that customer.

Screenshot of adding a tag to a customer record

The Tags field allows you to select from a list of tags you previously created or create a new tag and add it to the customer. To create a new tag, type it into the Tags field and press Enter or Return. You can then select this tag from the list ChartMogul displays when adding tags to other customers.

In some instances, ChartMogul adds these tags to customers:

  • merged-customer — added to the surviving customer record resulting from a merge.
  • auto-churned-delinquent-subscriptions — added to a customer whose subscription has been canceled as a result of your Handling Past-due Subscriptions setting. ChartMogul keeps this tag in place even if the customer later reactivates their subscription.
  • deleted_customer_in_stripe — added to a customer that has been deleted in Stripe.
  • subscriber_id_reset — added to a customer that has reactivated after more than half a year in App Store Connect.

Filtering using tags

There are five operators you can use when filtering customers using tags. The operators determine whether a customer is included or not in your list or report.

Screenshot of the five filter operators in the filter dropdown as described here

  • has at least one of — includes customers with at least one of the selected tags
  • has none of — includes customers without any of the selected tags
  • has all of — includes customers with all of the selected tags, including those with tags other than the ones you’ve selected 
  • is present — includes customers with any tag
  • is not present — includes customers with no tags

Managing tags

ChartMogul’s Tags Manager provides an overview of the tags you’ve added to customers and allows you to rename and delete tags.

Screenshot of the Tags Manager as described here

The Tags Manager shows how many customers currently have a particular tag, who last used the tag, and when they last used it. Click the total in the Customers column to see a list of customers with that tag.

To rename a tag, click the Edit   icon. ChartMogul will then update customers with this tag.

After renaming a tag in the Tags Manager, you’ll also need to manually update any segments you've saved that use the tag. You can do this by editing the segment.

Click the Delete icon to remove the tag from all customers. This action is permanent and cannot be undone.

Next Steps

Create automated workflows to tag customers. For example, add tags to customers who reach a certain level of MRR.

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