Configuring Slack as a destination

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To easily share company updates with your entire team, ChartMogul allows you to send real-time MRR updates as well as daily, weekly, and monthly MRR recaps (summaries) to Slack.

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Before you begin

Please review the following details before completing the steps outlined in this article.

  • ChartMogul sends updates to public and private Slack channels.
  • ChartMogul sends either real-time MRR updates or daily/weekly/monthly summaries of your MRR movements to Slack.
  • With real-time updates, ChartMogul sends each MRR movement to Slack, including any custom attributes you've configured, as they occur.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly summaries show the net impact of all MRR movements within the period as well as the largest MRR gains and losses.

Adding Slack as a destination

  1. Navigate to Data Platform > Destinations.
  2. Click Add a Destination and select Slack.
  3. Enter a unique name for your destination in the Name field, then click Next.
  4. Authenticate by clicking Connect Slack. You’ll then be redirected to your Slack account, where you’ll be asked to Allow access to your Slack workspace.
  5. Choose how often you’d like ChartMogul to send MRR updates to Slack, either:
    • Real-time,
    • Daily (9:00 UTC each day),
    • Weekly (9:00 UTC each Monday), or
    • Monthly (9:00 UTC on the first day of each month).
  6. Select which Slack channel(s) you’d like ChartMogul to use when sharing updates. By default, only public channels appear in the drop-down. To use a private channel:
    • Navigate to the channel you want to use and type @ChartMogul in the message field.

    • Send the message. You'll receive a Slackbot message to invite a ChartMogul bot user to this channel. Click Invite Them.

  7. Configure any Custom attributes ChartMogul should include in the real-time messages it shares to Slack.
  8. Click Save.

ChartMogul will begin sharing MRR updates to the channels you’ve selected based on the frequency you’ve chosen. To send updates at multiple frequencies, add multiple Slack destinations.

Editing Slack as a destination

  1. Navigate to Data Platform > Destinations.
  2. Locate the Slack destination you'd like to update and click the Settings   icon.
  3. In the setup modal, make any changes as needed.
  4. Click Save.

ChartMogul will share MRR updates based on the changes you’ve made.

Deleting Slack as a destination

To delete a Slack destination, navigate to Data Platform > Destinations. Find your destination in the list and click the Settings   icon. From there, click Delete.

ChartMogul will stop sending the MRR updates configured as part of this destination.

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