Merging customers

It is not possible to unmerge customers. Merging customers is permanent and cannot be undone.

Merge duplicate customer records in ChartMogul for accurate metrics and reporting.

Merging customer records in ChartMogul

When ChartMogul imports customers, a customer record is created in a source. Depending on how you’ve configured your account, ChartMogul may create duplicate records when the same customer is in multiple sources.

For example, when switching billing systems, ChartMogul creates two records: one in the old billing system source and one in the new billing system source. Merging duplicate records consolidates the customer’s data into one record for accurate metrics and reporting.

Here’s what we cover in this article:

Before you begin

  • Familiarize yourself with your sources and the methods you use to import customers. Learn more about importing subscription data.
  • Review the sections of a customer record.
  • Determine the method you’ll use to merge customers. For a small volume of records, merge customer records manually in-app. For a large volume of records or to routinely merge customers (such as part of lead tracking), merge customer records using our API.

How it works

Identify two customer records to merge: the secondary record (to merge from) and the primary customer (to merge into). Typically, the secondary record has fewer details or is the older record, and the primary record has more up-to-date details or is the one connected to your current billing system. After merging the secondary record into the primary record, ChartMogul combines data from both customers into the primary customer record.

The merged customer record in ChartMogul:

  • Has the UUID, email address, and location of the primary customer.
  • Includes external IDs, tags, opportunities, tasks, emails, call logs, and notes from both records. 
  • Combines and orders subscriptions, MRR movements, and transactions by date.
  • If the records have the same custom attributes, the values of the primary customer are preserved, and the values from the secondary customer are permanently deleted.

ChartMogul does not automatically merge customer records with the same email address or external ID. There are specific scenarios when ChartMogul automatically merges customer records in the background: adding contacts and adding manual subscriptions.

Merging customers in-app

Merge records programmatically using our API.

Identify the customer records you want to merge. Then, merge the records in-app:

    1. Navigate to the secondary customer record that you want to merge from, expand the drop-down menu next to the customer’s name, and select Merge.
      Screenshot of a customer record header with the drop-down menu expanded. The Merge option is highlighted
    2. Within Merge Customers, click the field below Customer to merge into.
    3. ChartMogul automatically suggests a record to merge into based on the email address or company name of the secondary customer. Use the search box to locate the primary record.
      Screenshot of the Merge customers dialog showing the customer to merge and the customer to merge into
    4. Once you’ve selected the customer to merge into, click Next.
    5. Click Confirm and Merge.

ChartMogul permanently merges the records and rebuilds the MRR movements table. You’ll receive a notification when the merge is complete.

Screenshot of a message on a green background saying: Customers merged successfully

Next Steps

After merging customers, you may need to connect subscriptions. Learn more about MRR data editing.

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